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Debleed can help stop superficial bleeding, helps relieve pain and can prevent infection. It disinfects the wound, protects the skin around the cut or scrape and promotes natural healing of the damaged tissues.

It can rapidly absorb the blood from minor scrapes and cuts

to form a soft layer over the area that helps stop bleeding fast.

This protective coat called Infecta-Shield™, which protects the wound like a bandage. Additional natural ingredients in the preparation help blood retention and can provide significant skin relief and can prevent infections from

entering the cut. Debleed also promotes the formation

of a scab that help stop bleeding naturally.

Children love Debleed because there is no sting like iodine or other disinfectants. No more tears, just a quick spray before putting on the band-aid. Debleed is completely natural, nontoxic, hypoallergenic. Some of the active Ingredients include Calcium/Sodium Salt of Oxidised Cellulose .

Some of Debleed’s benefits are:

    Helps stop minor bleeding fast


    Naturally derived oxidized cellulose

    Ideal for persistent or recurring bleeding


    Easy to use

Keep Debleed Relief Spray handy in your car, purse or even in your hand luggage. Its small, convenient size makes it ideal for travelling by air.


Shake well before use. 

Apply liberally to the affected area.

Debleed contains :



    Dead Sea Mineral Water


    Zinc Oxide


    Calcium Carbonate






    Guar (cyamopsis tetragonolobus) gum


    Tumeric (curcuma Longa) extract



Debleed provide : 

   Protection from infections . 

   Relif of pain from cuts&scraps 


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