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is a breakthrough anti-bleeding spray that stops bleeding of minor cuts and scrapes

up to half a centimeter.


immediately relieves pain of burns, shields and prevents infections.


is one of the most effective insect repellents available today – but it is also a super-efficient when applied to bites. It brings immediate relief and protects from infections..

Our unique products are effective sprays, providing relief from common irritants and hazards, such as biting insects, minor scrapes, cuts and burns. Keshet AT Ltd. sprays can provide an antiseptic layer that can protect your skin from infection. It may remain active long after the initial spraying.

Keshet AT Ltd. sprays do not cause stains in clothing or furniture.

The products come in a pressure pack containing gas in a mixture of the material, which maximizes the material inside the tank. It doesn’t matter which way you hold the container, it will spray. The container contains 50 ml of material and can be used 30 times. The gas inside pushes the material from all sides of the container so no residue remains inside.

It is important to note that the product can also be used at colder temperatures, for example close

to 0⁰C (32⁰ F). The products do not freeze when used, which means the products can be used even in harsh environments and extreme temperatures. The products are hypoallergenic, which makes them safe for most people to use.

The packaging has a 12-18 months expiration period for the material from the first day of use, in accordance with the Ministry of Health license. The pressure packaging is coated on the inside and on its edges with Teflon, which prevents the development of rust or corrosion. Even though these products are in a spray container, these containers can be flown on commercial air flights for personal use and large shipments can be shipped by air.

      None of these products are tested on animals.

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