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Debites contains:

    Dead Sea minerals


    Zuta, opuntia, lily of Jericho, pigment




    Olive oil (+ pigment)



Some of Debites benefits include:

    Easy and effective for use on irritating insect

    bites and stings

    Can provide relief that soothes the urge

    to scratch

    Decreases the risk of developing secondary

    infections from scratching


    Specially formulated to dry quickly

    Does not stain clothing

    Convenient ‘no touch’ spray-on method

    of application

    Comes in a handy travel-safe spray bottle

    One spray for before and after insect

    bite solution

Insect bites and stings are irritating and annoying, sometimes even painful, but we don’t want the fear of being bitten to keep us locked away from the outdoors. Debites is an effect insect repellant and bite relief spray that provides fast, effective relief for irritated and itchy skin. Its aerosol spray-on method of application can make it easy and safe for all users without the need to get your hands all greasy or to touch an already irritated bite or sting. Simply spray the affected area and instantaneously feel the spray working to provide relief. The spray is an effective combination of natural, DEET-free ingredients that prevent insects from biting and in addition helps ease pain and itching.

Many of the insect repellant products on the market today contain a chemical called DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide) while this chemical is very effective in repelling mosquitoes and other insects; it may cause a toxic reaction. Several medical organizations warn against using DEET products for children or people with sensitive skin.

Debite provides relief from:

    Mosquito Bites


    Fly Bites

    Flea Bites


    Chigger Bites

    Tick Bites

    Spider Bites


    Bed Bug Bites



Keep Debites Insect Bite Relief Spray handy in your car, purse or even in your hand luggage. Its small, convenient size makes it ideal for travelling by air.


Shake well before use. 

Apply liberally to the affected area.


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