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The FireBlaster is a breakthrough in protection against fires, being more efficient and multifunctional like no fire extinguisher ever was.

In addition to being a manual “aim and spray” extinguisher like ordinary extinguishers, the FireBlaster is also acts as an “extinguishing grenade”.  When intense heat or smoke prevent spraying directly on the fire you just pull the pin and throw the extinguisher into the fire and the FireBlaster puts the flames out all by itself.
Furthermore, the FireBlaster is also an automatic sprinkler system that automatically puts out fires where it’s located even when there’s no one there.  Sensors inside the FireBlaster detect fire (high temperature) and smoke and activates automatically.  
When extinguishing the fire automatically or in “grenade” mode, the powder is sprayed through 4 nuzzles around the container, covering full 360º.
Additionally, the FireBlaster is the first fire extinguisher that does not have to be held upright to be effective.  A special internal mechanism allows the canister to be held any which way – even upside down – and still be as effective as ever.
The FireBlaster sensors are powered by batteries that last up to 5 years. A light-emitting diode turns from solid green to blinking red, indicating when the batteries need changing.
Every FireBlaster has a capacity of 1,000 ml, and contains 950 ml of a special powder (ELINEX – ABC40). The container can mass a pressure of up to 15 Bar (atmospheres) and a will weigh approximately 2.05 kg similar to standard fire extinguishers currently available on the market..

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