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Proto 1 New Smart ex

Hung on the wall at home, office or garage, the FIREBLASTER is on guard 24 hours a day – even when no one is around.  Its super-dependable hi-tech dual sensors detect the fire and extinguishes the flame automatically.  On automatic mode, the FIREBLASTER’s unique construction sprays the fire-fighting media in a 360º spread, putting flames out anywhere in the room.  

Local flames can be put out easily and safely anywhere in the kitchen, house, office, car or bar-b-q by using the fail-safe manual “point and shoot” nozzle.  The concentrated non-toxic extinguishing media will put out the flames, causing minimal damage and won’t harm your health.  The manual spray spout has been designed to allow the spray range to reach more than 12 ft.  (4 meters), compared to the spray range of regular fire extinguishers that reach only 6 to 9 ft.  This makes the FIREBLASTER a much more efficient – and far safer – extinguisher than any other extinguisher of its kind.

Closed Space Test

Kitchen Stove Grande & Fix location Tests

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